44 thoughts every girl has when she gets a brazilian

There is nothing quite as sadistic as paying 40 quid for someone to rip the hair from your vagina each month. Except maybe only going when you have a Badoo date - which means your hair has grown to a length which requires you to literally trim it beforehand and a thickness that means your waxing lady charges you £4 extra 😑 So why do we do it? What on earth are we thinking...   

1. If I take 4 ibuprofen will i die?


*10 minutes before appointment*

2. Fuck it i'm taking 2 paracetamol too

3. 24 hours 'til my badoo date - that's definitely enough time for the redness to go down, right?

4. not that i'm gonna sleep with him 

5. oh god what am I going to say when the waxing lady asks why I'm getting a wax this time?

6. why does she always ask kjwbfwkrjwedjjw

7. fuck it i'll just tell the truth that I'm hoping my date goes well tomorrow lol

8. omg what if my period comes 3 weeks early

9. I really hope she waxes everything this time

10. Bloody snail trail's more like a jungle trek

11. Is it too weird to ask her if my vagina's normal?

12. does everyone have this much hair?


13. Why does she keep talking to me, can she let me grind my teeth in peace please 

14. Ow ow ow owowoowoowowoowowowowoow

15. Does she realise that tapping the place she just waxed does ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL TO HELP WITH THE PAIN

16. Why have the pills not kicked in yet? Supposed to be pain killers fml bloody scam


17. i really hope I don't fart


18. fuck me that's a lot of hair

19. love how she's showing me the hair she has just plucked from my vagina while she smiles

20. i am kind of proud though tbf

21. go me!

22. getting through this!

23. my Badoo date better be bloody worth it


24. though i am totally mainly doing this for myself

25. because i love having a nice neat vagina, for myself 


26. for while i watch bake off with my housemates and then go to bed alone

'Hollywood' lol

27. omg omg she's doing that bit now

28. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck 


29. that's it im getting laser


30. like i'm actually going to do it not just tell everyone I am

31. or I'm just never waxing again like julie

32. julie still gets laid

33. kind of tempted to video chat on badoo to show him what I am going through

34. he is probably eating pizza rn or something

35. fuck men





38. god she's so lovely

39. i love my waxing lady

40. i'm actually Beyoncé


42. eeeeeeek so ready for my date

43. i am a sexy ladyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

44. oh fuck she's getting the tweezers

Honestly, though. Shout out to all the girls getting waxes out there 'cause you guys are amazing #EverydayHeroes #SassyAndSmooth #Sex

And all you single girls out there who fancy a date, head to badoo 😉