10 cartoon characters we secretly fancy- and how to find them IRL

Eddie Redmayne has previously admitted to fancying Nala from The Lion King. Jessica Rabbit has a firm holding in top 100 sexiest women polls. Yes it may sound a bit odd to say out loud, but fundamentally, some cartoon characters are sexy. Being exposed to handsome prince types who deliver love’s true kiss, slay dragons and witches and stop the evil kid next door from blowing up your favourite toy, who can blame us for having felt a bit hot under the collar? We have all imagined what these fictitious fantasy fitties would be like on a date, and now with the dating app Badoo’s lookalikes feature, we can find real life cartoon to date (pretty much).

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1. Aladdin - Aladdin

We all love a rags to riches story- particularly when it includes such a fitty. Aladdin is the ultimate nice guy: friend to animals, feeder of homeless children, emancipator of magical genies, the lot. Those big brown eyes, that voluminous hair, those fabulous hareem pants. No wonder we were yearning to take a ride on his magic carpet.

Aladdin Collage.jpg

2. General Li Shang - Mulan

Forget Shoreditch, forget Hackney, ancient China is where the man bun originated. And General Shang was certainly the first man to make them cool. As a general of the Chinese army, Shang’s dexterity with a bow and arrow set our hearts a’flutter- particularly when we see him strip to the waist. Helloooo back muscles!

Shang collage.jpg

3. Simba - The Lion King

Right, we may be getting a little left field now, but we have good reasons for placing Simba in our list of hotties. He’s regal, he's emotional, he's powerful, he's brooding. Still not sold? Ok, dust off your old VHS player and fast forward to the scene where Simba strides back to Pride Rock to take his rightful place as King. Trust us, then you’ll see it!

Simba collage.jpg

4. John Smith - Pocahontas

Whist ‘colonialist’ isn’t exactly the first preference we put on the top of our Badoo profile, John Smith’s journey from prejudiced, arrogant voyager to compassionate, sensitive forest-dweller is hard not to fall for. Combine that cheekbones sharper than Naomi's  and blonde curtains that rival a 1990’s Leonardo Dicaprio, then you have yourself one banging cartoon character there.

Untitled collage-2.jpg

5. Woody - Toy Story

Now show me a girl who says she hasn’t fantasized about a cowboy, and I’ll show you a liar. Sherifs are sexy, and Woody’s big brown eyes and heart of gold place him as a firm favourite in our list of cartoon crushes. Now is that really a snake in your boot Woody, or are you just pleased to see me?

woody collage.jpg

6. Vince Lasalle - Recess 

Recess’s Vince is the hot, sporty guy at school that all the girls fancied. Yes he has an ego, but that somehow makes him more sexy, and deep down, he has a heart of gold. We were fancying basketballers long before any Kardashian did.

Vince Collage.jpg

7. Robin Hood - Robin Hood

Now that we are all in agreement that fancying a cartoon animal isn’t weird, next up on the list is foxy Robin Hood. This loveable rogue is the master of innovative disguises and tail-tingling escapes- the James Bond of the cartoon world if you will. Also, get a man who looks at you the way Robin looks at Maid Marian.

Robin Hood Collage.jpg

8. Fred Jones - Scooby Doo

Braving spooky castles with pristinely groomed hair and  exploring abandoned warehouses decked out in outrageously loud cravats, Fred captures that elusive perfect mix of metro sexual/ alpha male. A mystery solving macho man who’s not afraid chuck on a pair of flares- what’s not to like? And if the sexual tension between him and Daphne isn’t enough to get your engine going, then I don’t know what is.

Fred Collage.jpg

9. Hercules - Hercules

Of course Hercules was going to make it onto our list- he quite literally has the body of a greek god. With a neck thicker than the average girl’s thigh, Hercules’s is a slab of man that we would happily risk the underworld to be with.

Hercules Collage.jpg

10. Johnny Bravo - Johnny Bravo

Possessing an ego bigger than Kanye West’s may have been Johnny’s downfall when trying to woo a woman, but don’t we secretly love a big headed guy? Plus, we all know sunglasses make everyone fitter.

Johnny Bravo Collage.jpg

Ok, so we accept that these IRL cartoon lookalikes may not govern magical kingdoms or own flying carpets, but thanks Badoo for giving us a fighting chance of bagging ourselves the cartoon men we have always dreamed of!  

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