4 haikus that totally sum up dating life right now...

Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets about love. And not one of these contained the word 'dick-pic'. I know right. In honour of national poetry day, SRSLY has been taking a look at some modern-day poetry that sums up love in 2017.


Shall we move this up to WhatsApp?

An upside down smile 🙃

You send me back an eggplant 🍆

My purple heartthrob 💜


Taking it to the next level

Oh my one true love

My love burns eternally

So please, please send nudes


You were active 3 minutes ago Daniel, ffs

Where did you go friend?

The blue tick stares straight at me.

I sit. Wait. Ghosted


Soz, missed your chance 

Your message now comes

Once sought for, now detested.

Go away, fuckboy


Joseph Roux said 'poetry is truth', and if this ain't the truth on dating, I don't know what is.