Travel Gal: 48 hours in Marbella

I went to Marbaella and it was Marbaezing. Towie finally came through with something even better than Gemma Collins' remix of 'Boys' with this holiday destination. And here's why we laaaaved it... 


Because you'll have the lay of your life 


On a sun bed 👙


And get all the d you could ever want


From the sun ☀️


Because you like pina coladas 🍍🍍



and never getting caught in the rain 💦



because you can go yacht spotting and paddle boarding on the same day



Because the heat gets to you and you start seeing Gemma Collins everywhere 


Even though you never actually make it to Nikki Beach


Because you are too polite to say no to the first promoter who comes your way


And end up reliving your 17 year old dayz in SkyBar 


2 drinks and a shot for 15 euros, anyone?


Before taking the 17 year olds' advice and going to the 'cool new club' called Mirage



Because you go for a walk to a less crowded bit of the beach 



And suddenly understand what everyone means when they talk about 'traveling'



And You realize you have found yourself 



And that 'yourself' is not immune from burning 



And that 'yourself' likes all the carbs. in marbs. 

Pizzeria Picasso in Puerto Banus has the biggest bowls of pasta ever FYI 


And that you totally just got why Marbella means 'beautiful sea'*

*According to unconfirmed sources


Which is the perfect fit, just like Marbs is the perfect place to get away with some gals (and many, many 17 year olds) take in plenty of vitamin D, lots of Pina C and be oh-so-happy doing absolutely nothing at all *sigh* take me back pls 🌴🌴🌴