Vagina nails are now a thing

Now you can legitimately grab someone by the pussy. 

Vagina or 'vulva' nails are the latest trend to hit the US with salons like Finger Bang totally hitting the (G) spot when it comes to nail art. Here's some of the most clit nails so far... 💅💅💅


When your vaginails are also vajazzled


When you have a great taste in nails


When you go all artsy with it #vajart


When you go one step further and invent the Mergina Nails


When it's 3D enough to lick


Literally and nail-aphorically


When your nails have more balls than you #piercing #ouch


When you give the best hand job ever


And when you literally nail it 


If I ever get round to affording and actually getting my nails done I know exactly what I'm bringing as inspo #PussyPower #CockOnMyCuticles 


Feature Image: Instagram/Finger Bang Portland