10 Ways To Survive The Post-Uni Rut

Finishing uni can be a bit of downer, no more endless days filled only with the gym, trips to various coffee establishments and day drinking. Finally entering into the big bad world? There are plenty of ways to keep things positive. Not everyone can land their dream job straight away and you can easily transform the rut into something productive. Here are 10 awesome tips to survive the inevitable post-uni rut: 


1. Got an overdraft? Use the rut to pay it off. Get a bar job, be pro-active and pour your way back to zero. This is a way you can make money while actually maintaining the semblance of a social life.


2. Avoid asking your pals: “What you up to at the moment?" Most dread this question and will retaliate with the inevitable: “Not much. You?”


3. Feel busy by writing to-do lists. No task is too insignificant. Examples from my own include: “Buy sellotape” and “Research new TV show to watch.”



4. Don’t apply for each job as you find it. Bookmark them, then choose the best. The rut can breed desperation, resist this and maintain direction. 


5. If you’re single and stuck at home — download Badoo! Yes, you might match with that guy you regretted getting with in freshers, but he’s hot now and lives across the road from you. 


6. On that theme, it’s fun to do job applications in a pair. Grab a coffee with your new beau and work on applications together. The barista will hate you for staying all day, but they have a job and you don’t. 



7. Book plans with friends! Most festivals can now be paid for in instalments. For just £30 a month, you could be saving towards hours of beach fun in Croatia. 


8. Get in touch with acquaintances in your chosen field. They may not give you a job, but their advice will be far better than anything you’ll find on Google.



9. Buy yourself a few items to indulge in when you’re feeling down. I choose a scented candle, bath oil and a really nice winter coat.



10.  Is your hometown a physical rut? Get out! Young grads are increasingly moving to Northern cities due to cheap rent and living costs. You can get a great room on Liverpool’s Waterfront for £300 a month. 



So don’t let the rut get you down! These are simple ideas for you to get yourself through the post-uni period. Well, all apart from meeting the guy from down the road — you may need Badoo’s help with that one.

Isabel O'Brien