Five Signs You Should Break Up With Your Boyfriend

When relationships are great they can make you the best version of yourself, but when they turn sour they can be suffocating and prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Here at Srsly, we can’t be dealing with that kind of negativity, and we don’t think that you should either - so we’ve compiled a list of tell-tale signs that your relationship may be nearing its expiration date to help you decide whether or not you might be better off cutting your losses and moving on.  

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1. You aren’t attracted to them


Everything is all sunshine and rainbows, and then one day, you notice a tiny quirk that you used to find endearing in your S.O, and you are repulsed like you never thought you could be repulsed by anything before. You feel irrational and ridiculous, but when they try to kiss you it genuinely makes your skin crawl. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s horrible and might make you feel like a bit of a monster, but it’s also completely normal, and even has a name – sudden repulsion syndrome. No one knows the exact science behind it, but different theories link it to factors such as a sudden drop in dopamine after ‘the honeymoon period,’ having too high expectations, and being around a new partner too much.


2. You no longer find them funny

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In fact, you now find any semi-humorous utterance from their mouth to be infuriating, or, in the worst-case scenario - pitiful. How did they ever have you in stiches? Has your sense of humour matured to new levels that they can no longer keep up with? Nope, it’s just sudden repulsion syndrome again.


3. You don’t miss them when you’re apart

Long gone are the heartfelt ‘I miss you’ messages exchanged after spending just a few nights apart. Instead, you’re actually having much more fun when they’re not there, and then later feeling a little bit guilty about it.


4. You find yourself thinking about whether to call it quits – a lot

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At this point, you’re spending so much time and energy philosophising the matter that it may as well be your primary occupation. Your friends indulge you with lengthy weekly phone calls treading over the same ground, and your iPhone notes are full of key phrases to soften the blow in the hypothetical break up.


5. You start to fancy other people

You used to only have eyes for them, but now you’re at a girly Sunday brunch finding yourself gushing (a little too seriously) over your friend’s latest Badoo matches. Later in the week you ask to borrow a pen from Jack in the office, convince yourself that he is flirting with you, and enjoy it.


Of course, all relationships have their ups and downs, so if you notice some of these signs developing but are dedicated to improving things, then we wish you all the luck in the world. However, if your relationship is making you unhappy, and your work mates have started referring to you and your S.O as the Dawn and Lee of your office, then it might be best to bite the bullet and save you both a lot of anguish in the long run.

You’ll soon be kicking yourself for not ending things sooner, and with apps like Badoo on your side, being single doesn’t have to be scary. Who knows, you might even find yourself a real-life Tim (but more exciting and less pathetic, we promise). Head here for Tim 2.0.