The Girls That Get The Guys - 5 Things They Do Differently

Have you ever wondered why certain girls always get guys dropping to their feet?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s nothing to do with how attractive or intelligent they are. It’s actually to do with their independence and air of confidence. Guys like women who know what they want and where they are going. Plus strong women don’t put up with crap and only seek to date good guys, not f**k boys. Sounds like the perfect way to live life right?

So take note because here are some of the things that independent ladies do to make guys fall head over heels…

1. They use the right dating app

Dating apps are great but swiping and matching with random people (who you know nothing about) can often lead to dating disasters. Instead of kissing a lot of frogs to get to your prince, do the smart thing and use a dating app that suits your needs. If you’re looking for compatibility then Huggle is the best app to use, as it actually connects you to people who share your interests and lifestyle. Huggle works by simply showing you people who go to the same places as you, as well as how many locations you have in common. 


2. They’re hard to get

These ladies don’t play games. They’re just too busy living their own lives to worry about any cute guy that walks into their life. They have plenty of options and they always make guys work for it before they give them their full attention.


3. They’re not afraid to be alone

Alone time is vital for an independent lady. How else could they focus on themselves? Men like women who are not afraid to be alone and who have lots of hobbies and passions. The key to happiness is being happy in your own company, because if you don’t enjoy it, who else will?


4. They don’t negotiate

Strong women don’t put up with BS. If they’re not valued, supported, heard or loved - they walk away. Guys that hang around these types of women know they can’t play games and for that reason alone, respect these women more.


5. They believe in love

Strong women are optimistic. Despite being single, they believe in love and romance and because of this they set boundaries and expectations. They expect to be treated a certain way and won’t put up with anything less from a guy. Second best isn’t an option for independent ladies because they believe they deserve the right kind of love.


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