Bella Thorne Blasts Her Boyfriend For Being On A Dating App In The Most Bitchin' Way Ever

If you watch Bella Thorne's Insta story right now you will live every girl's nightmare in less than a minute.

The clips start off with Bella just living her best life with her dogs, posting vids, starting her day, when suddenly notifications start going off on her boyfriend's phone and catch her attention. 

Instead of suppressing the understandable frustration at this, Bella does that thing that every girl wants to do but most try very hard not to. She makes a sarky comment ("Someone's popular...") and then checks her boyfriend's phone. 

Ok, so this is totally not great and doesn't really signify a 'healthy, trusting relationship' etc etc etc. But omg she actually found something 👀👀👀


Bella's next story shows her rapper boyfriend Mod Sun's phone with multiple notification from Badoo, the biggest dating app in the world with over 370 million users. (So technically he could really be text-cheating with like the entire population of the United States. Boom.)

Bella and Mod Sun have famously documented their relationship through social media, since they began dating back in October. So it comes as no surprise that Bella decided to share her shocking revelation with all of her 17 million Instagram followers. 

Bella followed up the revelation by posting a pic to show her fans that the un-sunny situation was definitely not going to phase her. 


Yussss girl. We doubt it will be long before Bella herself takes to Badoo as well - and we think she'll definitely do better than her 🐍🐍-ey bf.