10 Ridiculously Effective Things You've Done While Playing Hard To Get

Whilst we'd all like to exist on a higher intellectual plane than game-players, sometimes we just can't help ourselves. Whether this is because we are inherently manipulative, or have just been pre-conditioned by watching every season of The Bachelor to behave this way — playing hard to get is wrong but effective and you're probably doing it with five different guys on Badoo right now. Here's 10 things you've definitely done if you've ever played hard to get:

1. Swanned into the bar, clocked the person you fancy. Gone and sat as far away from them as possible. 

2. 'Bumped into' rather than 'gone over' to your crush. Eg. you've just gone up to get a drink, "Oh hi! Didn't see you there." 

3. Not replied on Badoo for three hours to give the illusion that you're busy. Last active time inevitably betray you.

4. Taken an intent interest in one their friends. You know Dave's dad is moving to Portsmouth but you don't even know if your crush has a dad.

5. Flirted with a friend. We're talking hugging, leaning, arm touching. Hanging off them like a manipulative stick insect. 

6. Slipped off home without telling anyone. So there's a *slim chance* your crush thinks you've been whisked away by someone else. 

7. Held off adding your Badoo crush on social media. You've not even met yet so they must not see your Summer 09 album.


8. When you finally became Facebook friends, you ghosted their social media. Even the status announcing their charity cycle.

9. Called them mate, man, buddy or pal to their face. Because nothing says playing it cool like a crushingly platonic nickname. 

10. Waited ages to sleep with them, even though you're having latent sex dreams (probably about trains going into train tunnels) nearly every night.

Baffled by this? You're an emotionally mature person. Nodding along? It's ok, we all get petty sometimes. But don't let your crush think you actually HATE them. Why not try them on Badoo, and you might just find the only games you need to play are in the bedroom 😮

Feature Image: The Grammys/Cardi B






Lucia Lyons