7 Ways To Up Your Skincare Game In 2018

Perfect skin in your early-twenties? Not guaranteed. Hormonally things should have settled down. You’ve realised that you were ruining your parents’ lives, instead of them ruining yours. You will happily ask a stranger for a tampon — not exclusively your best friend. Yet still, you are waiting for that flawless complexion. 

This can make dating tricky. Whilst any decent Badoo match won’t care about that spot on your cheek. No one wants to go into a date feeling self-conscious. So if, like me, you can’t fall asleep in your make up and wake up looking glorious… Try out these simple hacks and see if they make a difference. 

1. Use micellar water as your post-clubbing cleansing method. Make up wipes leave chemical residue on your face and sometimes smear make up into your pores, rather than out.


2. Make sure you cleanse for at least sixty seconds. Whether you use a foam, cream, gel or oil, this process will clear your pores, soften dry skin and leave you with an overall brighter complexion. 

3. Do not rinse your face with hot water. This will damage your skin and leave it both dry and irritated. A warm muslin cloth should easily remove any make up. 

4. Know the difference between dry and dehydrated skin. If you skin seems more lined than usual, it’s dehydrated; ditch the moisturiser and grab a glass of water. 


5. Post-teenhood blemishes can be caused by pore-clogging cosmetics. Have your products’ ingredients analysed here and cut out any that are harmful. 

6. Use concealer! Don’t layer foundation. There’s no point smothering your fab chin just because of that one period spot. 

7. Wash your make up brushes at least every two weeks. You can buy special make up brush cleansers, but soap works just as well. 

So break the habit of mirror hating and panic product buying. These are free and easy ways to help your skin, which are effective on all kinds of skin types. But honestly girls, no man should ever judge you for your skin, so if you do encounter one of these villains… just head over to badoo and find an instant replacement.

Feature Image: Clueless/Paramount Pictures

Isabel O'Brien