The Most Amazing Bouquets You Need To Order For Your Bestie This Valentine's

Valentine's Day is here and the only 5 carats you got were dipped in hummus? Who tf cares? What really matters is that you look out for number 1 and also number 2 (your bestie). So here's some inspo on the wackiest bouquets you can order this Galentine's:

1. The wannabee lad (£30)


2. The occasional lad (£30)


3. The chocolate fiend (£25)


4. The posh chocolate fiend (£25)


5. The one (£225 - but you do get a magnum of champagne) 


These are all a lot more exciting than usual boring roses (yawn). You can get them all from Gift Rebellion and are a lot less responsibility than being given actual real flowers to look after. And tastier. Phew. 

Happy Chocolatines!