The Dating App Virgin's Guide to Doing it Right Online

Just come out of an LTR (long term relationship) and thinking about losing your dating app cherry? You've clicked on the right article. As a girl who recently downloaded Badoo for the very first time (seriously) let me give you some advice - from one first-timer to a another. Apps like Badoo, have tripled the amount of 18-24 year olds dating online. This has led to a whopping 46% of us now meeting a current partners on apps. So if you've been um-ing and ah-ing, downloading, then deleting, it's time to actually put your all into online dating because, you know what? IT WORKS. Here's your go-to guide to doing it right online:

Perfecting the PROFILE

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A dating app profile is like a CV, itโ€™s your chance to show you're qualified for the post of partner. Whilst pet posing used to be the way to demonstrate datability, new research has showed that users prefer photos that humble and real โ€” revealing some flaws โ€” to anything that seems more constructed. So forget face-tune. You're a human โ€” you don't have to look like a 10/10 date bot. 

If you love food and cooking, let your fellow Badooers know that. Dating app users that presented themselves as 'foodies' receive 82% more messages on average โ€” showing that the basic human instincts of sex and food are still alive and well. Easy way? Write 'foodie' in your bio and hope for the best. Surefire? Get snapped in front of dish that demonstrates how gourmet you are. 

working on the CHAT 


The length of a pre-date chat is a bit like baking a cake. Too little and it'll fall flat. Too much and you'll get burned. Evidence shows that the optimum amount of time to speak before a date is one week. So bear that in mind before embarking on a two month text-a-thon. Remember, this is a potential BF or GF โ€” not a pen pal. 

If you're stuck for good topics, statistically, one is school. Dating app users are attracted to people with the same level of formal education as them, so chatting about going university, or not having gone, could be a good way to establish a connection. Failing that, chuck a: "would you rather have nipples for fingers or fingers for nipples" into conversation. The positive, in-depth or no response you receive, will tell you a lot about the person in question.

impressing with the first DATE


The best first date has been revealed as dinner โ€” trumping both drinks and coffee. More specifically, 62% of dating apps users would like to have a "hearty" meal on a date. So swerve the salad bar and go gastro. As your Badoo profile shows, you're a fun-loving foodie, now is your chance to prove that this isn't a total fabrication.

Once you've nailed the location, be careful of this common faux par; 58% of dating app users want to see your phone face down during dinner. And don't even think about making a sneaky call in the bathroom (this isn't First Dates) 41% of singles would regard it as rude if their date took their mobile to the toilet! 

A good date can be measured by a few things: laughs, eye contact, a DMC... but most importantly โ€” a repeat. If a meet has gone well, 77% of people are likely to arrange the second date that night, with 45% even going in for a kiss. So no matter how you frame it, a goodbye hug and "see you soon!", probably means you weren't compatible.

So if you're a novice online dater, don't underestimate the power of app-based dating. Nearly half of us are meeting people this way, with a quarter claiming that the apps helped them to be more themselves in dating scenarios. So don't let the fear hold you back. Apps like Badoo are here to help, all you have to do is sit back and swipe.