Here's How To Find Out If Your Ex Is On A Dating App

Ok, don't call us stalkers. We are definitely not stalkers. But this dating app has created a new feature that means you can legit find out if your ex is on it. Incredible? Revelationary? Is that a real word? Judge for yourself...

The feature is called 'Friends of Friends' and it's housed on dating app Badoo. It means you can scroll down a list of all the people on the app that you have mutual friends with on Facebook and it's pretty cool.  

I have def seen Tom before somewhere... 


FYI - this feature is evidently meant to help improve your chances at matching someone you actually like since most of us feel more comfortable meeting someone we vaguely know already. It was definitely not intended to help you stalk your ex. But on a side note I found the guy who cheated on my friend a year ago and a guy I went to Pizza Express with when I was 14.

So is this a cool new feature for dating apps? Let us know what you guys think below:

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If you use the feature to find a date you've got peops in common with or you just have a little looksie (stalk) for friends and relations who have profiles on there - there's no judgement from us. 


Abbie Moujaes