This Dating App Has Invented A Siri For Love And It's Black Mirror IRL

When it comes to Valentine's Day, there are many things we expect to see. Roses, chocolates, chocolate roses, annoying AF couples. But, we did not expect Badoo (the biggest dating app in the world) to go all Black Mirror on us. 

Badoo is introducing its 370 million users to a certain virtual creature who’s going to help get us all get laid. Erm, what? Why? How? We love him already. 

Guys, meet Lil’ Cupe...

He might look like a strange hybrid of a rugrat and Stewie from Family Guy, but he’s actually pretty hilarious and definitely has better chat than you (‘Hey’ is no longer an acceptable opener).

Lil’ Cupe might not be quite up to Charlie Brooker’s level of killing off multiple simulations to get you with your most compatible partner (if you don’t get this reference then you really should), BUT he does have a handy little sliding scale of ‘chilled’ to ‘keen’ so you can generate a personalised V-day message that is just right for your chosen beau.

So whether you’ve just been casually ghosting them for a year but don’t fancy being alone on the 14th, or you’ve been stalking their Insta story every day to check if they’re still single while never actually plucking up the courage to slide into their DMs... Lil’ Cupe can help.

I’ve already sent 5. Not sure if that was really the vibe Badoo was going for but yolo #bringbackyolo.

To check out the cheekiest love guru ever, head here. And definitely don’t use him to send hilarious Valentine’s day messages to all your group chats (#guilty).

Happy V-day everyone!

Feature Image: Black Mirror



Abbie Moujaes