5 Signs You're Chasing Him

Ok ladies, we've all heard the saying "Treat 'em mean, to keep 'em keen" but the reality is sometimes that can be quite hard, especially if you really like the guy! 

However don't be fooled that showing an interest is a good thing, it can actually damage the relationship if you're chasing the man in your life. Too much too soon can quickly end your relationship and have the man running for the hills! 

If you have concerns that you're the hunter and not the prey, take a deep breath and read the below. These are 5 signs you're chasing him:

You Always Initiate Contact

So you matched on Huggle and now you watch his online activity like a hawk just to make sure he's not ignoring your last message. No wait - your last 3 messages! Oh girl, remember communication works both ways. If he's not replying to your messages, then stop messaging him altogether. Let him work for your attention! In the meantime, get swiping and chat to some other guys on Huggle !


You Respond immediately To His Texts

The minute he sends you a text, you read and reply. You do this because you want to speak to him every minute of every day but actually by replying quickly will only make him question why you're not busy. You don't want to be known as the girl who sits by her phone, waiting on his beck and call. When he texts you, make him wait at least several hours for your reply. Why? Because you're too busy having fun and your life does not revolve around him! 


You Suggest Meeting HIS Family

Meeting his family or friends for the first time, is a pretty big deal and it needs to be on his terms, not yours. If you're asking to meet his family before he's even suggested the idea, then don't be surprised if he pulls away from you.  This doesn't mean you should throw in the towel on the relationship but it does mean you should wait for him to introduce you to his family when he's ready.

You Don't give Him His Space

When he hangs out with his friends you can't help but call or text to ask where he is. You may do this out of jealousy or simply curiosity but this type of behaviour will have any man running. Men don't like to feel pressured and if you don't give him his space when he needs it, you may as well say goodbye to the relationship now.


You Feel Drained

If you're constantly feeling insecure and annoyed at the fact that you give too much but get very little in return. Then this is a huge sign that you are pursuing someone who is clearly running away. Take a step back and analyse the situation. Do they put in as much effort as you? If not, then stop. You deserve someone who will walk to the moon and back for you. 


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