9 Celebrities Whose Lives Have Seriously Gone Downhill

No disrespect to any of these celebs, we love them all and it's not like they've agreed to a Kebab shop opening or anything like that. To be honest, we're just happy Jess and Dom are finally being given some recognition and are on the same list as Emma Watson and Bella Hadid. Now that's been said, here's some of our fave celebs whose careers have taken some unexpected turns...

1. When Pierce Brosnan collabed with Spar

He likes his asparagus steamed, not blanched. 


2. When Philip Schofield did webuyanycar.com

We would buy Philip though. 


3. When Owen Wilson teamed up with Sofology

Sofology? More like cashology.  


4. When Jess and Dom got married on Good Morning Britain in their swimwear

For all those haters who thought they wouldn't win us back after the kebab shop. 


5. Kendall's gig with Pepsi

No words. 


6. Emma Watson's skin ad with Lancome

Again, no words. 


7. When James cordon made us all a bit confused.com



8. When Bella Hadid went sneaker shopping with complex

Maybe this one was just meant for the homeboys. 


9. And last but not least Heidi Klum's lol times with Lidl

Seriously lol.


Abbie Moujaes