7 Ridiculous Things Single People In Their 20s Do To Fill The Void Of Loneliness

We all do crazy things sometimes. It’s part of that impulsive human condition. You know, when someone tells you not to push the button…so all you can think about is pushing that button? Or walking behind someone on the stairs and having the insatiable urge to give them a shove. Or having a fork full of food and being unable to stop yourself flicking mash into your friend’s face (that one may be some more than others...)

But what do single people do to fill the void of loneliness? Here are some true examples that we’ve experienced. Tried and tested. Feel free to adopt any for yourselves. *Warning* some work better than others.


1. Embark on a course


Whether it’s because we tell ourselves ‘the more talents you have, the more someone will want to shag you’, or whether it’s literally just out of sheer boredom, starting a course is probably one of the most common things single people do in their 20s. To be fair, who doesn’t want to learn pottery or Krav Maga? It’s only when it becomes less of an outlet for loneliness and more of a self-indulgent way of moaning about your miserable life does it become an issue…like, for example, starting a stand-up comedy course. Seriously. We know someone that’s done this.


2. Invest in pet llamas


Not your most common venture, but definitely a thing. In an effort to fight against the stereotypical, damaging ‘cat lady’ label that many single women are subjected to, ‘llama ladies’ are making an appearance. Who needs a human snuggle buddy when you’ve got Larry the llama. You’ll have someone to share books and laughs with too. Seriously, all the girls are doing it these days.


3. Drink excessive wine

An old classic, but it’s popular for a reason. It works.


4. Join Badoo


The only one that truly works! So this one's not actually ridiculous but by joining a dating app the void will be filled in more ways than one,  if you know what we mean. We choose Badoo cause it has new techy features like ‘friends of friends’ where you can search for all the people on the app who you have mutual friends on fb with (big woop for less time wasted!).


5. Take up fitness fads. That last approximately one day at a time.

No person is more impulsive and less committed than a lonely single twenty-something. Especially when it comes to fitness fads. One day it’s the routine and diet of a Vitoria Secret Model, and the next it’s Queen Victoria. The only thing that is remotely consistent is our total love and investment into health fads…matcha, Kefir, kelp…you name it, we’re on it. Well, we’ve got to balance out the lonely nights of stuffing our face with ice cream somehow, haven’t we?


6. Read posts like this

As human beings, we are constantly searching for meaning and reasons why. Why are we here? What is life? Why am I the only one in my friendship group still single and lonely? Cue SRSLY’s posts! They make us feel less alone, less strange and more hopeful for a future without a partner. Because, at the end of day, we only need each other…RIGHT? *sob* Yeh. And to know what sort of baked potato we are…


7. Become a vegan

Ah yes. The health trend we’ve all succumbed to. For some reason, we appear to think that if we stop eating meat in one area of our life, it might show up in another. This unfortunately is not the case. Tried and tested by yours truly. A sausage for a sausage is not a thing.