What Is "Generation Platypus" And Why Do All Single People Need To Know About It?

Being single is on the rise. In the US, 45% of the adult population are divorced, separated or have never married. Thatโ€™s 109 million people! Enter, Generation Platypus. The new generation of people who donโ€™t listen to social pressures (your mum asking โ€˜when are you getting a boyfriend?'), who don't settle for fuckboys, who refuse to remain with that guy they got with in freshers. Instead they focus on relationships with friends, fam and colleagues and use dating apps like Badoo to boss their way though life while they do so. This is the generation of single people who are going it alone but are far from lonely. Thinking of joining this badass Generation of Platypuses*? Here's what you need to know:

*it is not 'Platypi', we checked

A psychological study recently revealed that single people have stronger social networks and develop more as individuals.

giphy (6).gif

They are physically fitter.

giphy (7).gif

They have an increased resilience.

giphy (8).gif

They have more diversity in their group of confidants.

giphy (9).gif

They are more self-sufficient.

giphy (10).gif

They have less erectile dysfunction.

giphy (11).gif

And why platypus?

The platypus is an animal that chooses to be alone.

giphy (12).gif

They can handle any situation life throws at them.

(Platypuses thrive on land AND in water.)

If you hurt them, they will fuck you up.

giphy (14).gif

(Platypuses are venomous.)

So, there we have it, the solitary and heroic amphibious mammal that is representing our new generation of people who choose not to settle. This generation is getting increasingly pickier as there are fewer and fewer societal and financial pressures to settle down. They can afford to take their time searching (or swiping) to find better matches and won't ever allow themselves to get fucked around. If you feel like you should also join this badass, independent generation, you can start by downloading Badoo here.


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