This Is Why We Should All Give Up On People And Just Date Our Friends

We've all been there. You've hedged your bets on the one decent pic out of the five on his profile, taken his jokey message 'my friends call me big Chris' to refer to his height and assumed 'entrepreneur' meant he founded a cool startup. Then you get to the first date and realise his excessive use of gifs was simply a way to distract from his lack of actual personality - and 'big' was meant ironically. *Sigh* You know what? It's time to stop dating randomers and try this instead...

It's like LinkedIn for dating and it's pretty fucking awesome. You just download Badoo, set up a profile, tap on the 'friends of friends' feature and then scroll down ALL the people on the app you are Facebook friends with or have Fb friends in common with.


It's a pretty cool way to romantically network - but what exactly does this feature mean for our future dating lives?


Well, there'll be no more not-so-big Chris's...


Because you can find out all the essential info from your friend in common before agreeing to a date 😉


And there'll be no more dead-end dates...


Because, let's face it if they're friends with your amaaazing pals they have got to be hilarious... And fit. 


First date nerves will become a thing of the past... 


Because a Srsly survey of over a hundred readers found that 76% of people would feel more comfortable dating someone they knew through a friend.


You could also use this feature as a way to find out if your ex is on a dating app...


*Stalky stalky stalk stalk*


Or find out if your best friend's ex is on a dating app...



Or see if that fit guy you were giving the eyes to at that party last week is online...



Obviously we're not massive stalkers, just, you know, curious ^^ 

So, is this friends of friends thing the best thing to happen to dating? Perhaps. And are we all at this very moment checking who, out of our friends, is on Badoo? Most definitely.