Gemma Collins Alert! The GC Has Just Released A First Date Collection With This Dating App

Don't worry, don't panic, Gem has not fallen over. She's just fallen head over heels with the biggest dating app in the world, Badoo. So much so that she has created an actual FIRST DATE COLLECTION with them 😍😍😍

No more worrying over what to wear on your first date - the GC has got it all sorted (apparently it involves lots of 'comfy jumpers and tees'. 

The Towie and Celebs Go Dating star (and meme legend in her own right) features in a behind the scenes video about the making of the collection.

There's the jumpers and tees, the 'Gem on the hem' skirt and the eye mask (for when you're all gamed out). Oh and, of course, the phone case that will house all your date potentials on Badoo 😉

 Badoo's Instagram account is going all out promoting the range with some extremely high quality memes...

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The actual whereabouts of how to get any of it is still yet to be announced but we are stalking Badoo's social and will keep you updated. This is ridiculously amazing and we need to get our hands on this stuff (probs not for first dates though, just for every day ever).

Every. Day. Ever.

We love you Gem 🦄🍭🦄🍭