The Three Celebrities The World Most Wants To Shag

This might seem like a clickbait 'OMG revealed' article which you absentmindedly stumbled upon in between pictures of '90s celebs as babies and the 7 celebs who are secretly gay (number 3 will shock you) - but we've actually got some weight behind what we're saying.

The biggest dating app in the world, Badoo, has recently revealed the top 3 mosts searched-for celebs in their Lookalikes feature. That's the bit of the app where you can find lookalikes of celebs you fancy to chat to on the app (and potentially date). 

Rather surprisingly, the three celebs are all women (where TF is Gosling?) and number one isn't Chrissy Teigen (she is goals). 

So if you have ever wondered what the standards of beauty are at the moment for the average dating app user... brace yourself, they're high: 

in third Place, doing it for the gingers, it's Emma Stone

Here depicted as we imagine she would be reacting knowing she was the third most searched celeb. 

In second place, the songstress Selena Gomez

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Shown here as we imagine her lookalikes would look while updating their profile pics. 

And Coming In first, the goddess that is Kimmy K

Here she is as we imagine her many lookalikes probably look like as they use Badoo.

Their lookalikes are actually pretty good to be honest, and you can also upload pics of whoever you want to search for their lookalikes as well of the thousands of celebs already on the app (eg. your ex/boss). Plus, if you're lucky you might actually find RL profiles with names lick Scott Disick, Bella Thorne's rapper bf Mod Sun, Sam Thompson and Steph Pratt all recently blasted for having profiles. #drams #loveit

Head here to try out the feature for yourself.



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Abbie Moujaes