4 Ways To Massively Improve Your Chances On A Dating App

You start dreaming about those new pink Timberlands and suddenly you see them all over your Facebook wall. You vaguely consider booking a summer holiday and Secret Escapes starts emailing you incessantly with pics of the Amalfi Coast. You drool over Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders and then your dating app starts to...oh wait no. That doesn't happen. Tom Hardy does not suddenly appear on your matches. *Sigh* Why is it that the FBI agent looking at you through your webcam can sort out everything for you apart from your perfect match on Badoo?

There's all sorts of weird algorithms and cookies that do things online (basing most of my knowledge on Instagram tricking me into liking posts from 5 days ago) but what about when it comes to dating apps? Is there any way to statistically improve your chances of meeting someone you genuinely like? Hell yeah there is. Here's 4 of them:


1. Check the time you go swiping


Apparently there are certain sweet spots when you get better action online. Dating app Badoo have let us in on them (and with 370 million users who've signed up to their app we can trust they are in the know). For the UK the best time is 9pm while for the US it's between 9 and 10pm (weird from my experience it's a 3am rush of 'Hey, you up?'). 


2. Check the day you do your dating admin


Badoo have also released stats about the best days to go online - for the UK it's Sunday (obvs 'cause everyone is hanging and casually chatting to their matches about how James Norton learnt another new Russian word in McMafia). However in the US east and west coast it's Monday while in Texas and Illinois it's Tuesday (weird). 


3. Do some networking

A new feature that's just come out on Badoo is the 'Friends of friends' thing and it's pretty fucking cool. You can basically scroll down a feed that is entirely people you have friends in common with. That means you've got more chance to meet someone on your wavelength and also more chance to meet hot people (because all your friends are fitties duh). Though watch out, I found two of my friends' exes and a guy I once went on a date with to Westfield with when I was 15. (Literally the date was 'going to Westfield') *sigh*


4. Change your career


Ok, so this last one is quite drastic. But statistically some occupations just do better when it comes to having good dating app game. So quit your PR role and become an 'Entrepreneur' because that's the most successful occupation to have on your Badoo profile - not really surprising given how hot Alan Sugar is #SugarDaddy. More specifically, in the UK the most favoured occupation is 'Healthcare' (Jeremy Hunt you silver fox) and in the US it's 'Chef' (Gordon Ramsay has brainwashed them all). 


So what have we learnt from this? That finally we can all sleep easy in the knowledge that we can get pissed on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday with the girls, not having to worry about missing out on finding Mr Right (or Mr Right Now).

Thank fuck.







Abbie Moujaes