5 Reasons Mila Kunis And Her Husband Are The Ultimate Couple Goals

She's been voted one of the coolest women in the world by GQ and he's not bad either. Fittest couple in the world? That doesn't do them credit. Here's why Kunis and Kutcher* are serious couple goals...

*Their names look so good together, sigh.


1. They began their relationship as ACTUAL friends with benefits.

Mila Kunis has said she and Ashley had agreed to keep things casual at first... before getting married in a year and having two kids - giving hope to those of us who have only ever been in 'things'. 


2. They both have equally major exes to stalk.

 Wireimage/Startraks photo: REX/Shutterstock

Wireimage/Startraks photo: REX/Shutterstock

And it doesn't even phase them (no matter how many daily mail articles come out about Demi and Macaulay).


3. They met as innocent youths on 'That 70's Show'

But they both did their own thing and found each other again a later stage, proving love doesn't need to happen at 'first sight' but can be tricky and based as much on timing as anything else. Yusss, real couple goals!


4. When they reconnected he had initially wanted to set her up with his friend.


In the end Mila ended up staying the night at Ashton's followed by some talks with her future husband about how they should both be single. Fucking adorable. 


5. Oh and on Monday night, this happened. 

All I want in life is for someone to want to kiss me that hard in front of millions of people.

Really hope they don't split up now. 



Feature image: Wireimage/Startraks photo: REX/Shutterstock