28 Of The Biggest Turn Offs When It Comes To Dating

Introducing, 'The Ick' —  that sudden gross feeling of uncertainness that appears (seemingly) out of nowhere, grinding a new relationship to halt faster than you say "it's not you — it's me." 

We've all been there, his Badoo profile was cool, his chat was normal, the first dates were fun, then BAM he asks you over for a 'Netflix and Chill' un-ironically. The Ick sets in and there is nothing either of you can do about it. Take a look at the top romantic turn offs — boys, take note... 


1. They aren't interested in seeing pictures of your pets.

giphy (51).gif

2. They give you (or any other girl) a rating out of ten.

3. They are a self-titled "commitment-phobe".


5. They don't brush their teeth before bed.

6. They have questionable friends.

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7. They say that you're "actually quite funny".

8. They ignore phone calls from their mum.

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9. They ask you over, then are visibly annoyed you are on your period. 

10. They still have Badoo on their phone since you moved your match to real life.

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11. They refer to themselves in the third person e.g. "Fred loves it when you make him dinner".

12. They wear briefs instead of boxers. 

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13. They rarely wash their bed sheets.

14. They start growing an unsanctioned beard. 

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15. They talk loads about this 'hilarious' drug experience they had when they were 19.

16. They have cartoon themed bedsheets.

17. They say their ex was a bitch/ psycho/ nutter. 

18. They don't like fruit or vegetables.

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19. They have a headset for a video game. 

20. They ask you to shave.

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21. They don't suck up to your family.

22. They make memes in their spare time.

23. They think that make up is "deceptive".

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24. They barely ever go down on you.

25. They fist pump on the dance floor.

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26. They are rude to people in the service industry.

27. They think dressing up is "lame".

28. They have ketchup with EVERYTHING.

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The Ick is a cruel mistress and can strike at any time, but when it's caused by reasons as valid as these ones... I think we should all be thankful for it. Remember, never put up with a boy in briefs who thinks contouring is 'manipulative'. There's plenty of men on Badoo with pristine white bed sheets, just waiting to take you to your next fancy dress party. Thank God. 

Isabel O'Brien