Girl Power In The Modern Age: An Interview With Singer Georgia Box

Last week, we caught up with Georgia Box - the singer whose songs have reached millions of people by giving the typically silent female character a voice in famous songs like Shaggy's 'It wasn't me'. Georgia talks to us about breaking stereotypes, her new track and how she wants people to find strength in her music...


What's your definition of 'Girl Power'?                                                    

"Girl power to me is a special force girls have. I think when women realise how strong and independent they can be they become untouchable. I always think girls helping girls is amazing and powerful."


What has been your experience of female empowerment in the music industry / on social media?                                                                       

"I like to bring female empowerment into a lot of my songs online and in my original content. I do a lot of female response songs online. One of my recent ones of Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me has hit over 30 million views which is fantastic. The best part about it though is receiving messages from fans telling me how much my music helps and empowers them, that’s a great feeling. Even more amazing is that it’s both females AND males that I receive these messages from."


What was your inspiration for your new track?                                                              

"I got my inspiration for my new track I Don’t Want You Anymore from a past relationship where my ex broke up with me and was in another relationship the week after. During this time I kept getting lots of messages and calls from him thinking that I’d be distraught, when actually I was totally fine. Of course, breakups can be hard but I wanted to show people it never has to be the end of them world. We can be strong, powerful and happy on our own and I think it’s an interesting and unseen perspective. I’d definitely encourage anyone going through a break up to listen to it and I’d really hope they find some strength from it."


Do you have any tips for girls moving on from a break up?                                                                                            

"Breakups are hard but I promise you that you will come through the other side in no time! Stay focused on YOURSELF and your own happiness and know that if you can be happy with yourself, then you’ll be happy forever, man or no man! You’ve got this girls!"


What do you want girls (and guys) to take away from your music?                                                                   

"I just want them to enjoy it. I want them to feel empowered and encouraged to be independent and to never conform. You can be whoever it is you want to be and do whatever it is you want to do. Just do whatever makes YOU happy."


What kind of advice would you give young girls trying to make a career within the music industry / through social media platforms?                                                                     

"Stay motivated. Persistence is key. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. If your dreams are big enough and you're willing to work hard to achieve them, then you will get there. Only ever focus on positivity. It took me three years online to get to where I am now and release what I feel to be my first big single and I have to say I really truly appreciate every single person online who has supported me on my journey. They have been the ones who helped make this possible for me."


Georgia Box’s I Don’t Want You Anymore is available now on iTunes and Spotify