21 Things You Can Do To Help Out Your Single Friend

We all know what it feels like to be 'the last remaining single friend'. It's a bit like being the last child picked up by their parents at home time or that tiny screw in the Ikea flat pack you throw away because you can't work out where to put it. No-one should ever have to feel this way, because, you know what? Being single is actually pretty bloody brilliant and no amount of coupling up should let us forget it.

So, we've come up with a few things you can do to improve the lives of your single mate. Take note:


1. Tell them they are amazing and it's everyone else's loss that they're still single right now. 



2. Get drunk with them.


3. Never, ever say the words 'Don't worry, you'll find someone too!'


...or 'You just have high standards', 'Why don't you try going on a date with Gary again?', 'Don't worry I have loads of friends who are still single too'.


4. Be supportive of all their endeavours.

Even if this involves a strange new hairstyle, wardrobe choice or periodic deletion and re-downloading of 25 different dating apps. 


5. Never, ever ask them if you can set them up.

But you can casually talk about and show nice pictures of friends you might think they like, and, if they show interest, invite them to the pub that week for a 'group' situation. 


6. Write their Badoo bio for them.


Most single people just leave their bios blank because they're too embarrassed to write something a bit more out-there and interesting. You, on the other hand, will have absolutely no reservations so will easily be able to whip up something witty and hilarious for them.


7. Take pictures of them when they don't know you are so they look candid af in their profile pic.

Come on, think of all the couple shots they've taken of you over the years. 


8. Spend Sundays swiping on their phones finding them nice looking guys.


Because dating admin can be tiring and sharing the load helps - also Badoo have released stats saying Sunday at 9pm is the prime time to be online. 


9. Help them decipher which guy is which on group pics. 



10. And casually stalk the guy's LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Tripadviser pages to suss whether they are good enough. 


Luckily Badoo links these social accounts to profiles so you don't even need a surname/phone number to get the detes. 


11. Then text them throughout every date they go on to keep their spirits up.


'Has he mentioned his mum yet??'


12. Don't invite them to things if they're going to be a massive third wheel. 



13. But keep inviting them to things all the time, even if they complain about being the only single one. 

It's nice to feel wanted.


14. Book holidays with them.


Even if it's just a weekend in Prague, go do something cultural and fun. (Hen do's don't count.)


15. Don't cock block them by being overly keen or flirty in a club.

They are the single one, if there's a fit guy about - leave them to it. 


16. Don't list all the cute things your partner has planned for you. 

It's cool to mention stuff once in a while, but remember to put yourself in your friend's shoes sometimes. 


17. Don't complain when your partner gets you a present you don't really love. 


Because they will only resent you.


18. And equally don't complain about every little squabble you have with your other half. 


Unless you are actually going to be single again, this is just annoying. 


19. Check in with them regularly.


Because as a couple you can forget how important it is to have someone ask how your day was. 


20. Ignore them when they say they hate couples. 

They don't mean it. 


21. And love them forever.

Because you mean more to them than any guy ever will.

Abbie Moujaes