Omg Kim Kardashian As A Teenager Is All Of Us As A Teenager

This week, Kimmy K was evidently having a clear out. Her Instagram was chok-a-blok full of rare snaps from her youth (yep, actual) photographs. And, you know what? They made us realise that Kim K was not always Kim Kardashian-West the icon and official breaker of the internet. She was all of us. 

When you first discover tweezers

When all you want in life is a white bikini to make your tan look better 

When you evidently made your mum take this bikini pic on a family holiday 

When your teacher makes you take off all your makeup for the school photos 

When all you wear is black 

When you have pics of your friends stuck all over your room with blue tac  

When you use a Photo Booth at every available opportunity even if you're alone

and finally, When you experiment with your hair 


This also applies to a fringe/bangs/hair dye. 

Oh Kimmy, thanks for uploading these pics and reminding us all that you are in fact human and not the perfectly contoured face we see all day every day on your Insta.

Lots of love to all the thin-eyebrowed teens out there.