21 Non-Bullshit Things You'll Miss About Being Single

There's nothing worse than people in relationships saying they "miss being single". It's insincere BS (unless they are legitimately considering a break up). However, here at SRSLY, we genuinely know about the perks of single life. The ones that aren't "wild nights out" or "hilarious dates" (hilarious stories do not hilarious experiences make). Take a look at our top 20 things you'll miss when you depart single street for a supposedly better life in coopleville.


1.  The serenity of knowing you're not pregnant.

giphy (23).gif

(Most of the time...)

2. The bedtime routine you developed back when it was just you and your bed.


I'm a beautiful starfish!!

3. Not having to disclose that you're on your period.

giphy (28).gif

4. Your uncurated bush.


Mwahahhahahah no more ingrown hairs!

5. Your food cupboard being yours and yours alone.

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6. Every night being girls' night

giphy (27).gif

7. Midnight swiping on Badoo.

"Hey, you up?"

8. Watching what you want, when you want.

giphy (29).gif

25th episode of The O.C. re-runs and what?

9. The sport/ hobby/ pass time you took up to fill your endless free time. 

10. Telling invasive stories about sexual conquests.

giphy (30).gif

11. Being bought drinks in bars.

12. Buying other people drinks in bars. 

13. Fancying someone for the first time.

giphy (32).gif

14. The utter thrill of the chase.

15. Being able to go off grid for days and not be reported missing.

giphy (36).gif

16. Your morning flaxseed smoothie.


No more eating bacon and muffins because they are on a bulk. 

17. Farting in bed.

giphy (35).gif

18. Being contraception FREE.

19. Not having to hear about the dream someone had last night.

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20. Collaborating on texts with your best friends.

21. Legitimately being a strong, independent woman that don't need no man.

giphy (37).gif

So while we all know it's lovely to meet someone and couple up, be sure to enjoy your time as a single lady! It's a time for friends, food, frolics and flaxseed. And maybe the odd bit of midnight swiping... cos y'know, being single is fab, but Badoo's also got millions of members to be browsing. 

Feature Image: Bridget Jones Diary - Little Bird, Studio Canal and Working Titles Films

Isabel O'Brien