Apparently You Can Find Your Perfect Lip Shade By Looking At Your Boobs

What you’re about to read will make you get your Nunga-Nungas out much faster than any boy could… 

Yep, even the really cute one you met on Badoo

Are you ready for your life and everything you thought you knew to change? 

Possibly being just a tad dramatic but listen, this is going to change your life … or at least put an end to endless hours spent trolling through self-selection in Boots and a graffiti wall for a forearm. That's because the code has been broken, and by code, I mean finding your perfect shade of lippy.

“How?” I hear you cry - Easy!

To find the perfect shade for your lips, all you have to do is look at your nips.

giphy (10).gif

And that’s it. Well, according to science guys from The Doctors - the daytime medical-related talk show on NBC. They say the way of tracking down a lipstick shade that complements your skin tone and blends into the natural hue of your lips is to find a shade that matches the color of your areolas.

You know what they say, there’s no greater force than Mother Nature. She’s the one who rips havoc across the land after all with periods and hormones - but who’d have thought it, ey? Her power stemming all the way down to something like what shade lipstick suits us best? Kurrr-ay-ze.

I hope you’re all in some mad position right now desperately swatching all the random lipsticks you own (erm yeh, last time I checked my nipples weren’t orange and glittery, thanks!)

So yeah, there you have it - the answer to one of life’s greatest wonders has been right below our noses the whole time. Happy shade finding!