5 Things You Need To Know Before You Ever Consider Doing A Marathon

In case you haven't already been informed by someone who is running the marathon, this Sunday they'll be running the marathon. While for most people this means an entire glorious day of drinking on the streets of London with absolutely no shame whatsoever, for a select few this means a 26.2 mile slog for charity (and the gram). We thought this was the perfect time to ask one of these crazy mofos 5 important questions about taking part.

Here's what Josh, 26, running for Rays of Sunshine, had to say...  

1. Josh - what was the worst experience you had during training?

Driving alone to Dorney Lake in the snow to run a half marathon, having one too many of the wrong energy gels on a long run & having to sprint back home, not touching alcohol for 50 days, getting injured.

Any of the above. 

2. Describe an average 'day on a plate' during your training?


Average day: porridge. Banana. Black Coffee. Salmon / Chicken Salad. Loads of wholewheat pasta & rice. Beetroot. Sweet potato. Barryโ€™s* + Nandoโ€™s (every Monday).

Extreme day: Peanut butter injected into the veins. Whole pots of humus for dinner at midnight after a run. Stopped twice on both my 20 mile runs for jelly babies and coconut water. Entire packs of dark chocolate on a Sunday after a long run. Those weird energy bounce balls are kinda addictive. KFC. Cheesecake, always. 

*That's Barry's Bootcamp for the non-millennials.

3. Are you worried about chafing? 

giphy (2).gif

Got my petroleum jelly game down. Bathe in it pre run. Had one VERY uncomfortable chafing experience tho. (Contact @joshlaurier for further details.) 

4. Has the marathon prep affected your social life?

No ๐Ÿ‘€. Yes, majorly. Think my flatmates will be quick to answer this one. Iโ€™ve taken it quite seriously with the no drinking + loads of sleep. Iโ€™ve been EVEN MORE boring but Iโ€™ve loved every second.

5. And finally, what's the first thing you'rE going to do after you cross the finish line?

Try to walk forwards... Hopefully a massage? Possibly a Guinness? Definitely looking forward to a huge meal at the pub with fam & friends in the Sun ๐ŸŒž

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So, while we all enjoy what is essentially a sporty Notting Hill Carnival for us plebs, let's all take a minute to think of Josh, who gave up drinking for 50 days and had to bathe in petroleum jelly.