Is It Acceptable To Wear These Denim Thongs?

Festival season is upon us, meaning soon it’ll be acceptable to prance around (literally) in well, pretty much anything (again, literally) as retailer Pretty Little Thing has proven with these scandalous Denim Knickers.


Let’s be honest, Festival trends are no stranger to raising eyebrows. Once you’re amongst the glittery, sequin-y wonderland, anything goes, there are no rules – especially in regards to what you wear…

Say “Goodbye” to the day-to-day constraints of matching colours and prints,“goodbye” to the ‘legs or boobs’ phenomenon and “Hello” to these booty-bearing-bad-boys!  

Yup. Just when you thought shorts couldn’t get any shorter, they simply took away well, the whole part that covers your ass, basically. To show us that they can in fact, get shorter. LOL!

So, how do you even go about wearing something like this? 

Well, the website suggests pairing these “Mid Wash Denim Knickers” with some “Killer chap trousers and a matching bralette for a show-stopping outfit that is gonna get you noticed for all the right reasons” Well, show-stopping? Yes. The right reasons? Debatable. 

Although NGL – I kind of, sort of love it and they may have accidently slipped into my Wishlist…

Of course, people have fled to Twitter, and it’s not quite clear whether or not these Thongs have the peoples blessing ….

So, if you are brave enough to wear these to your Festival of choice this year (keep in mind the inability to sit down or the all-day wedgy) then be prepared to face a little controversy.