Stop What You're Doing - You Can Now Get A Giant Unicorn Sparkler

Name something, anything, that sounds more appealing than a ginormous, inflatable unicorn

That’s right, you can’t - can you? 

giphy (11).gif

One heatwave and yep, our little heat-stricken brains have skipped a few months and went summer mad but heck, who cares? IT’S AN ENORMOUS EFFING UNICORN THAT SHOOTS WATER OUT IT’S HORN TO COOL US ALL DOWN ON HOT DAYS OH MY GOD!


Do you really need any more motivation to shave and tan your pins? 

Just picture this bad-boy by your side at Summer BBQ’s, Garden parties and Pool days …

Or panic-exercising in the back garden because if nothing else, a giant sprinkler poses as a massive (literally 7ft) reminder that you’ve been snorting sausage rolls for a living and are expected to be in a bikini very very soon (eek!)

Fair enough – it was probably designed for kids (ugh bore) but I reckon it’s the “adults” who will be getting the most joy out of this not-so-little guy in the coming months, I mean, can you think of a better companion to drink fizzy wine with? 

Oh, and imagine the Instagrams…

According to Big Mouth, the legends who created this majestic bundle of entertainment, “it’s super-simple to use” as it easily inflates and connects to any standard garden hose – SOLD!

The most magical part of all? You can pick one up on Amazon for £60!!!! (Money well spent, I’d say!) Not really into mythical creatures? 

There’s also a giant angry dinosaur to plonk on your lawn instead to annoy all the neighbours with…

Or a life-size elephant to chaperone your summer shenanigans...


Okay - This is no longer a want, but a need!