People Are Hating On The Charcoal Activated Vegan Croissant And We Don't Know Why

With the tagline 'it tastes better than it looks', this burnt-looking croissant is the latest addition to the London trend for weird food combos. From cronuts to rainbow bagels, pink lattes to mushroom coffee (said to give you the same lift as a caffeinated drink), Londoners seem to love it. 

The inventors Coco di Mama say of their sweet or savoury(?) treat: 

"Unlike a regular croissant, there is no butter. The key ingredients are Sunflower Margarine, Soy and Barley Flour, Activated charcoal, Sugar and Lemon. 

The alkaline properties of charcoal in the croissant help to detoxify any poisons in your body by neutralising excess stomach acids – a great breakfast for when you are hungover. It can even reduce bloating – who thought that could happen after eating a croissant!"

Unfortunately, Londoners have just been, well, taking the piss.

And also take the piss of themselves...

They won't be fooled...

What is the #Nutribollocks poll and why haven't I seen this before?

And the semantics got taken apart, of course

Before the London vegans got involved...

Either way, I'm definitely going to try one.