There Is A Cafe In London That Gives You Sex Advice And It's Incredible

Self-proclaimed 'relationship cafe', Coffee, Cake and Kisses is more than just one of the best independent coffee shops in London (with brownies rated highly by The Sunday Times). 


This cafe celebrates bonds between people, offering an embrace, a hug or an actual kiss to their customers. They say of their unique offerings:

'If youโ€™d rather not dive in for a touch, take this as tongue-in-cheek fun, a conversation-starter which you will remember for its warmth and the quality service you experience. The kiss is to us a relationship symbol, and not a single act.'


What's more, the staff offer intimate levels of conversation; 'we very much encourage any discussion of relationship issues, from work colleagues to mediation to sex education'. It's basically like getting coffee and a counselling session all in one go!

There's also a wall of favourite coffee, favourite cake and favourite kiss cards which means you can communicate through the written as well as spoken word. 

They'll even bake a dish you miss that you're grandma or ex used to make you if you bring them the recipe and will even let you use their kitchen to impress your friends, family or colleagues.

So, next time you feel in need of a pear, parsnip and salted caramel cake, a Monmouth coffee and a hug - head to 54 Warren Street for a bit of TLC. 

Abbie Moujaes